Chromat, a body-wear brand with a cult following, wanted to bring their swimwear collection to a mainstream audience without losing their identity. Since swimwear ads feature beauty standards that don’t represent most women, we opted to reflect a broader audience and pushed the cultural movement of body positivity into radical inclusivity. Our solution: Chromat Pool Rules—banning food-shaming, homophobia and all intolerance—making the pool a welcoming space for all women. We launched the campaign with videos and social posts resulting in 205MM social impressions with no paid media, coverage in 50 publications and overwhelmingly positive feedback—women said this was the first time they’d felt represented. The campaign was featured in the definition of inclusivity on Merriam Webster, Diesel made a jacket emblazoned with our rules at Paris Fashion Week, and Artsy featured Chromat as a brand-shaping visual culture—making an impact in the pool and beyond.


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