Secret was undergoing an evolution and wanted to make a cultural impact with a new tagline—All Strength, No Sweat. They were also slowly but surely claiming their space in the market as a brand that supported women and promoted girls finding—and sharing—their strength with the world. To launch this journey, we partnered with current—and former members of the US Women’s National Soccer Team.

 To bring “All Strength, No Sweat” to the forefront, we kicked off with a spot titled, “Cheer For Each Other”, featuring Alex Morgan. This focused on the power and strength in the ripple effect of women cheering for and encouraging each other in sports and society.

 While this spot was running, news broke of the lawsuit brought by the US Women’s Soccer team against the USO in response to the pay disparity. Secret wanted to support this show of strength, so we created a spot about ‘Equal Sweat, Equal Pay’, taking a bold stance on an even bolder issue.

 To top it all off, we were also tasked with creating a spot focusing on Mother’s Day featuring Abby Wambach. As a recent mother through her marriage to Glennon Doyle, Mother’s Day held a personal importance for Abby. So we told a story where she reflected on a few personal and character-building lessons from her soccer playing days that she hoped to pass on to her daughters.