VitaminWater was a brand born of pure functionality. The founder used to put vitamins in his water to avoid getting sick in the winter months and eventually decided to turn that behavior into a brand. Initially a niche "health" brand in cities like New York and LA, we saw that "health" was moving out of the shadows and into the mainstream of consumer priorities. Nowhere was this more the case than in soft drinks, so why not position VitaminWater to challenge the big soda brands as the healthy alternative? We used the very tactics we'd learned from Coke and Pepsi: celebrity, music, entertainment and attitude. We launched the campaign "Try It," in which we encouraged celebrities known for their prowess in one area to try something quite different, aiding them with the hydration and functionality of VitaminWater. "Try It" embodied the philosophy of trying new things and celebrating being different. Postlaunch, VitaminWater's growth accelerated by over 100% three years in a row, ultimately resulting in Coca-Cola buying the brand for over $4 billion.


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