Hennessy was a fractured brand. Born of aristocratic roots and consumed primarily as an after-dinner Cognac in Europe, Hennessy had a distinctly more urban appeal in North America. This paradox meant that Hennessy never had a consistent, vibrant or unified personality. That’s where we came in. We determined that the diversity of Hennessy’s personality wasn’t a weakness but a strength that, if captured properly, would make the brand extremely contemporary and appealing across the world. We called the new era “The age of the emerging ‘urbane’ consumer.” Fueled by the energy of the streets but confident in the boardroom, the art auction or on the deck of the luxury yacht, the urbane consumer aspired to celebrate their taste and nothing could celebrate it better than Hennessy. This new direction for Hennessy was not without risk, but now entering a decade-long relationship with the urbane consumer, Hennessy has gone from strength to strength to the tune of more than two million additional cases worldwide.


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