Chromat Is Rewriting the 'Pool Rules' With Its Latest Swim Campaign


New York–based swimwear label Chromat has long been committed to radical inclusivity, from its diverse Fashion Week casting to its use of curvy mannequins to create truly size-inclusive samples. With its latest campaign, Chromat designer Becca McCharen-Tran is pushing on industry conventions once again, looking beyond the runway to where customers actually wear her designs: the pool. 

Chromat released a photo series in which it proposes a new set of Pool Rules: Intolerance Not Tolerated, Body Policing Prohibited, Scars and Stretch Marks Welcome, All Abilities Accepted, Food-Shaming Not Permitted, Body Hair Appreciated, Celebrate Cellulite, No Age Restrictions, Respect Preferred Pronouns and Unrestricted LGBTQ+ PDA. 

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