Your First Step to Becoming a Culture Definer


Every summer we look for collaborative, creatively driven, strategic-minded individuals, to join our team for 8 weeks. They not only immerse themselves into our culture and work but they become a part of shaping it. You don’t have have to have any advertising experience, just the passion to connect brands to culture and the desire to think outside of the box. You join the Berlin Cameron team and beyond that, the larger WPP team.

Interns are selected to work in a specific area for the length of the program. In addition to receiving direct mentoring within their practice area, interns participate in weekly trainings and workshops to expose them to other practice areas and enhance their communication skills. Responsibilities vary by department and project but each intern is held accountable for client deliverables.


“The internship at Berlin Cameron taught me to think critically. I learned that in strategy, you have to evaluate all of these different factors in the environment and piece them together into a story which takes a lot of careful consideration and I still use that today”

—Hope Cutler, Strategy Intern 2016

"The internship at Berlin Cameron gives you full responsibility for the work you are given and that level of accountability as interns prepared me to work in the advertising industry - I still use these skills today."

— Laura Zuccolillo, Strategy Intern 2017


In addition to the work that they are assigned per team, the intern cohort is tasked with building a campaign for a client or prospective client that is then presented to the upon the end of the internship. The campaign is owned by the interns and overseen by each discipline’s point person.


Art director

Visually driven individuals with a knack for unique conceptualization through imagery that blends brands with culture. Must have Adobe suite experience.


Wit driven individuals with the ability to bring a brand to life in a concise yet provocative manner to draw readers into the brand story.


Curious minded individuals, continuously seeking to uncover human behaviors and match it with brand promise to guide creative that pushes cultural boundaries.


People person type who balances client relationship and internal collaboration driving successful lasting relationships with clients.


Experience driven individuals who understand cultural trends that drive the event interest in cities across the nation.


The submission form will be closing at 11:59pm on Friday, April 12, 2019

The program is from June 10 — August 16

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