Xavier Li, Art Director

Xavier Li, Art Director


Xavier grew up in Beijing and moved to the US in 2014. Living and working in multicultural environments has given him a global perspective that only adds to his already diverse skill set. Xavier has extensive knowledge and experience in marketing and design, including graphic design, animation, photography, visual merchandising, compliance management, and web and brand design. 

Before joining Berlin Cameron as an Art Director with an highly sophisticated skillset, he lived on the West Coast working for the San Francisco Giants and Northern California Honda as a Digital Art Director, as well as finishing his MFA degree in art direction.

Hip-hop culture and fashion have always been Xavier’s major influences and passions in both his career and life. If you don’t see him working at his desk, he’s probably out shooting a concert, storyboarding a rap video at a record label or helping someone become the next Missy Elliott.

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