Viktorija Valskyte, Production Assistant

Viktorija Valskyte, Production Assistant


Viktorija, a Lithuanian native, began her professional journey in London, where she majored in events, media, and music management. She started her events career working backstage at the Mercury Prize Music Awards; where she fell in love with the chaos of the production world. Viktorija also joined the staff of a fundraising music festival for the relief organization Oxfam. 

In New York, Viktorija started freelancing at New York Men’s Fashion Week with INCA Productions as a Command Manager. She also experienced the backstage life of Women's Fashion Week, YouTube Brandcast and other events before joining the production team at BCXP. As a Production Assistant at BCXP, Viktorija helps the team bring experiential projects to life and works on Girl Brands Do It Better and LLShe events.  

When she’s not working on events, she is probably on the other side of the world adventuring in a new country. She also likes to frequent live music gigs and enjoy NYC views from rooftops in the summer.  

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